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We are Leaky Basement Waterproofing Toronto! Our goal is to bring a team of waterproofing experts who specialize in foundation waterproofing solutions and other wet basement Toronto leak repair services to your home and make sure you are leak free. We bring waterproofing near you stationed in Toronto and provide waterproofing services all Southern Ontario including Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Scarborough and more. We are a waterproofing company (by RCC Waterproofing Toronto) who offers fair and competitive waterproofing costs and our waterproofing quotes are free with no obligation.

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Whether it’s inside or outside your home, Leaky Basement Toronto has the waterproofing solutions you need for the right waterproofing costs.
Our team offers exterior waterproofing Toronto services that include parging foundation cracks, sealing your foundation walls with
a waterproofing membrane, and replacing your old clay weeping tile. On the inside, we have interior waterproofing services
like a full drainage system connected to a sump pump, underpinning and benching, and structural foundation cracks repair.
We bring all the waterproofing services near you and our waterproofing Toronto team makes sure your basement leak repair is quality.

When there is water leaking through your basement foundation, you will need exterior waterproofing done on your foundation walls. This waterproofing process includes scaling the foundation cracks so the team can fill and seal them with hydraulic cement. Then a full exterior waterproofing includes rubberized membrane, foundation mesh, drainage membrane and a new drainage pipe system. This full waterproofing system is the best way to repair foundation cracks and stop further leaky basement issues.

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Is your basement always damp or has too much moisture? You need a new way of redirecting the excess water building up in your basement and interior waterproofing is the way you can do it. Our team will install a new dimpled drainage membrane and new drainage tile that will work together to collect water and redirect it to a discharge point like your drain or a sump pump. Interior Waterproofing Toronto will help get rid of mold and moisture and other harmful bacteria that result from having damp basement walls.

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A fully functioning Sump Pump is an important part of your basement foundation drainage system. If you want to make sure you don’t come home to a flooded basement, you need to make sure your Sump Pump is working 100% and that you have a backup plan. Our sump pump services include replacing your old aging sump pump with a brand new one with a backup battery for instances where the power goes out, and ensure that the sump pump is fully connected to your outside foundation drainage system.

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Want more living space in your basement? This waterproofing service is perfect for expanding the amount of living space you have in your basement rooms through the process of underpinning. Our Leaky Basement crew will dig down to the foundation footings of your house to increase the height of your ceilings and structurally fortify your basement walls. Both Underpinning or Benching services will not only give your basement rooms more living space but will also increase the overall resale value of your home.

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Leaky Basement has different ways of repairing foundation cracks whether it is through exterior waterproofing or using polyurethane crack injection and a host of other methods that can be done from the inside or outside of your home. Foundation cracks that are left unattended will spider web and continue to get bigger till your foundation cracks become a structural crack issue and you need extensive foundation repair. It is important to seal these foundation cracks as soon as possible to ensure they do not get worse and result in a more expensive basement leak repair.

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If you are a construction development company or home builder and you are looking for waterproofing contractors, Leak Basement has got you covered! Our expert team is used to working with new construction homes and can do all your exterior waterproofing as required. Leaky Basement also has you covered for all other waterproofing services like underpinning and foundation cracks repair, and will work with you to make sure all your waterproofing projects are done on schedule.

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How It Works

Here is how you get your basement waterproofing booked!


Enter Details

Tell our waterproofing company about your leaky basement issue. Enter your details including name, contact info, and more information about your foundation leak so we can get a better sense of how the Leaky Basement waterproofing Toronto team can fix it.


Book Assessment

Book your assessment online so you can connect with one of our waterproofing experts to discuss your wet basement leak and receive a free estimate. Our representatives have many years of waterproofing experience and can provide you with competitive waterproofing costs.


Hire Us

After you have received your written waterproofing estimate and spoke to one of your waterproofing consultants, hire us to take care of your leaky basement and foundation repair! We will book a date and time for our expert team to come to your home and take care of you and your foundation leaks.

Waterproofing Guarantee

Leaky Basement guarantees that we will fully waterproof your foundation cracks.

If a waterproofing job that we worked on experiences a re-leak, our crews will come back to make sure it is done right. It is important to make sure your foundation cracks are completely sealed so you never have a leaky basement again. We promise your wet basement Toronto leak repair is done correctly, even when unforeseen leak issues arise. This is our basement waterproofing company’s guarantee and stand by the quality of our work and value the relationship with our customers over anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which materials are used for waterproofing?

For exterior waterproofing projects, we use Hydraulic Cement for sealing the leaking cracks, Rubberized Membrane and a Reinforcement Mesh for complete waterproofing your foundation walls from further leaks, an exterior drainage membrane to redirect excess water and moisture down to the drainage tile system that is installed next and lastly a layer of 3/4 crushed gravel for more water drainage capability.

For interior waterproofing projects, we install a dimpled drainage membrane similar to the exterior one that will also prevent water and moisture from building up on your basement wall, interior drainage pipes to redirect water to your basement drain or existing sump pump, and then we add 3/4 crushed gravel beside the drainage pipe and cover it all with a layer of cement.

Q2. How long does waterproofing take to do?

Exterior Waterproofing jobs will often take 1 or 2 days depending on how many linear feet of foundation waterproofing needs to be done. Most jobs will last a single day if the weather conditions are perfect. In waterproofing jobs where there are multiple basement foundation walls to waterproof, the waterproofing team will open up a few sections of trenches at a time to make sure that a sudden weather change does not expose your foundation walls to rain causing further basement leaks. In the odd scenario, a job could be delayed a few days if there are powerlines or important gas pipes running in the ground and a professional needs to be dispatched to assist us.  Bad weather could also delay the waterproofing job by a couple of days when rain prevents our team from continuing their work.

Weather issues are not applicable for most interior waterproofing jobs which can be done in 1 to 2 days. Delays for this type of waterproofing job occur when there is a plumbing or electrical issue that prevents us from continuing our work. The construction methods of homes, especially older houses, sometimes surprise us with plumbing, electrical or structural oddities that we find out during the interior waterproofing process. This may delay the interior waterproofing for a couple of days while the issue gets resolved.

Q3. How long does it take to lower a basement?

As opposed to exterior waterproofing jobs which last a few days at most, Underpinning jobs take a few months to complete and have many phases to its completion. A proper Underpinning job will include getting structural drawings, building permits, inspections from licensed electricians and plumbers and this is even before we start digging. Our own Leaky Basement team’s work will include digging down to the footings of the foundation, benching structurally securing the basement foundation, and removing all of the excess earth that has been dug up. Overall, Underpinning is a multiple-month project that is aided or hindered by the accessibility of the basement and its current state.

The benefits of Underpinning are worth the time and money investment though as the basement foundation repair will significantly increase the amount of living space you have in your basement. The value of your home will significantly increase as well thanks to your basement having high ceilings and more overall living space.

Q4. What do you do if your house is leaking water?

Most likely you will find out about basement leaks after a rainstorm has just occurred. Be sure to give Leaky Basement a call or contact us online when you find out about your basement leaks. As well, makes sure you document the leaks and areas you found them in using pictures or video. It is not only helpful for us but also good to have for insurance purposes.

Clean up will include removing any surrounding items that could be damaged by water including carpets, items made of MDF or particle materials, and other items of importance. Be VERY careful while removing electronics that are in contact or submerged in water to avoid electrical shocks which include appliances, power bars with plugs in them, or any other electronic item sitting on the floor. In the case of mass-scale floods, it is recommended to call in a water restoration team to take care of the immediate clean-up to avoid health risks from the water that has come into your home.

Even after the water has been removed, it is extra important to disinfect the spaces where the water has touched as this water could pose a health risk. After any type of foundation repairs have been done including our own exterior or interior waterproofing services, it’s important that any affected drywall be replaced to avoid the growth of mould spores and other harmful bacterias affecting your health.

Q5. What is a sump pump and what does it do?

Sump Pumps are very important for ensuring that you never experience a flood in your basement ever again. Basement drains have the chance to back up if certain conditions are met and a water basin could potentially fill up and result in a flood if the excess water does not properly drain. A sump pump will pump the excess water out through a pipe that leads to your drainage tile system outside of the house. Sump pumps are mechanical so when the water level reaches the critical level, the sump pump will detect this and start working to remove the water, preventing a flood from occurring in your basement.

Although Sump Pumps need to be checked to make sure they remain in working order, Sump Pumps are the most efficient way to ensure you remain flood-free. Many Sump Pumps feature a backup system that ensures that your Sump Pump will even work during a power outage so that you have complete coverage.

Q6. What is the reason for Window Wells?

Window Wells are important for allowing proper drainage down to your drainage pipe systems at the foot of your foundation. Windows are one of the weak spots where water could find its way through your foundation wall and into your basement so a window well will collect the water and allow it to drain properly down to a place where it won’t be harmful to the health of your basement foundation walls.

Window wells contain a vertical drainage pipe connected to your drainage tile below and 3/4 crushed gravel to further assist with proper drainage into the ground. The basement window is surrounded by a steel well secured to your foundation and it is often recommended that you also add a window well cover for windows you do not actively open or use as a means to bring natural light into your home.

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