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We at Leaky Basement Waterproofing Hamilton are here to provide you with the best foundation waterproofing solutions and wet basement leak repair services. Our team of experienced waterproofing experts are here to ensure that your basement is completely leak-free. As a waterproofing company (by RCC Waterproofing Hamilton), we offer fair and competitive pricing, and our waterproofing quotes are absolutely free with no obligation. So if you’re in the Hamilton area and in need of waterproofing services, look no further than Leaky Basement Waterproofing Hamilton!

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Leaky Basement Hamilton has the waterproofing solutions you need to keep your home dry and comfortable. Our team offers exterior waterproofing services in the area, such as parging foundation cracks, sealing foundation walls with a membrane, and replacing old clay weeping tile. For interior waterproofing services, we provide a full drainage system connected to a sump pump, underpinning and benching, and repair of structural foundation cracks. We bring all the waterproofing services necessary to the Hamilton area, and our waterproofing team makes sure every basement leak repair is done with quality materials and craftsmanship.

When there is water leaking through your basement foundation in Hamilton, exterior waterproofing is the best way to fix the issue. This process includes scaling the foundation cracks so the team can fill and seal them with hydraulic cement. A full exterior waterproofing system is the most reliable way to repair foundation cracks and stop further water leaks. This full waterproofing system includes a rubberized membrane, foundation mesh, drainage membrane and a new drainage pipe system. All of these components are essential for a secure and reliable waterproofing system that will keep your basement dry in Hamilton. Taking the necessary steps to waterproof your basement foundation will ensure your basement stays dry and free of leaks.


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Are you struggling with too much moisture in your basement? You need a new way of controlling the excess water building up in your basement and interior waterproofing is the solution. Our team can install a dimpled drainage membrane and drainage tile to collect water and redirect it to a discharge point like your drain or sump pump. Interior Waterproofing Hamilton can help get rid of mold and moisture and other hazardous bacteria that come from having damp basement walls. With our experienced technicians and quality materials, you can be sure that your basement will be protected from moisture for years to come.

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A fully functioning Sump Pump is a vital component of your basement foundation drainage system in Hamilton. A sump pump helps prevent a flooded basement, so it is important to make sure your sump pump is working properly and that you have a reliable backup plan. Our sump pump services in Hamilton include replacing your older model sump pump with a new one that features a backup battery for instances when the power goes out. We also ensure that the sump pump is correctly attached to your outside foundation drainage system. By making sure your sump pump is functioning properly, you can rest easy knowing your basement will remain dry.

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Are you looking to increase the living space in your basement? Look no further than Leaky Basement Hamilton for the perfect waterproofing service. Our experts will dig down to the foundation footings of your home in Hamilton to raise the ceiling height and reinforce the basement walls. Both underpinning and benching services provided by Leaky Basement Hamilton will not only add more living space to your basement but will also boost the overall resale value of your home in Hamilton. So don’t wait any longer; get in touch with Leaky Basement Hamilton today for your waterproofing needs.

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Leaky Basement Hamilton has a variety of ways to repair foundation cracks, from exterior waterproofing and polyurethane crack injection to a range of options for inside or outside of your home. If foundation cracks are not dealt with right away, they will widen and eventually become a structural crack issue that will require more extensive and expensive basement leak repair. It is therefore important to seal these cracks as soon as possible to avoid further damage and costs. With Leaky Basement Hamilton, you can rest assured that your foundation problems will be fixed quickly and efficiently with the right solution.


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Are you a construction development company or home builder in Hamilton looking for waterproofing contractors? Look no further than Leaky Basement Hamilton! Our experienced team is well-versed in working with new construction homes and can handle all your exterior waterproofing needs. No matter the scope of the project, we can provide you with the best waterproofing services in Hamilton, including underpinning and foundation crack repair. We understand the importance of staying on schedule and will work closely with you to ensure all your waterproofing projects are completed on time. Rest assured that you are in good hands with Leaky Basement Hamilton.

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How It Works

Here is how you get your Hamilton basement waterproofing booked!


Enter Details

Please provide our waterproofing company with details of your leaky basement problem in Hamilton. Kindly include your name, contact information, and additional information regarding the foundation leak so that the Leaky Basement waterproofing Toronto team can assess and address the issue effectively.


Book Assessment

Schedule your assessment conveniently through our online booking system to connect with our team of seasoned waterproofing experts in Hamilton. They will address any concerns you may have regarding your damp basement leakage and offer you a complimentary estimate. Our representatives boast extensive experience in waterproofing and are eager to provide you with competitive pricing options.


Hire Us

Once you have received the written estimate for waterproofing and have consulted with one of our waterproofing experts, you can confidently hire our services to address your basement leaks and foundation repairs in Hamilton. We will promptly schedule a convenient date and time for our skilled team to visit your home and effectively resolve any issues with your foundation.

Hamilton Waterproofing Guarantee

At Leaky Basement Hamilton, we assure you that our team will effectively waterproof any foundation cracks you may have.

In the event that a waterproofing project we have undertaken encounters a recurring leak, our team will promptly return to rectify the issue, ensuring it is resolved effectively. It is imperative to thoroughly seal any cracks in your foundation to prevent future basement leakage. We assure you that our wet basement Hamilton leak repair service is executed with utmost precision, even in the face of unexpected leak complications. This guarantee reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality work and prioritizing the satisfaction of our valued customers above all else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which materials are used for waterproofing?

For exterior waterproofing projects, we use rubberized membrane and reinforcement mesh to completely waterproof your foundation walls, exterior drainage membrane to divert excess water and moisture down to the drainage tile system that is installed next, and a layer of 3/4 crushed gravel for increased water drainage capacity.

We install interior drainage pipes to direct water to your basement drain or existing sump pump for interior waterproofing projects. Next, we add 3/4 crushed gravel next to the drainage pipe and cover it all with a layer of cement. This prevents water and moisture from accumulating on your basement wall.

Q2. How long does waterproofing take to do?

Depending on how many linear feet of foundation waterproofing need to be done, waterproofing jobs frequently take 1 or 2 days. The majority of jobs can be completed in a single day if the weather is ideal. The waterproofing crew will open up a few trench sections at a time when there are numerous basement foundation walls to waterproof so that a sudden weather change won’t expose your foundation walls to rain, which could lead to additional basement leaks. If there are underground powerlines or significant gas pipes, it’s possible that a task could be postponed for a few days until a specialist is sent to help us. Weather-related delays could also add a few days to the waterproofing project if rain makes it impossible for our crew to work.

The majority of interior waterproofing tasks, which may be completed in one to two days, are not affected by weather. When there is a plumbing or electrical issue that prohibits us from completing our work, delays for this type of waterproofing service happen. When interior waterproofing a property, we may discover plumbing, electrical, or structural abnormalities that are a result of the construction methods used, especially in older homes. While the problem is being fixed, this may cause the interior waterproofing to be postponed for a few days.

Q3. How long does it take to lower a basement?

Contrary to external waterproofing projects, which are often completed in a few days, underpinning projects take many months to complete and involve numerous stages. Before we even start digging, a professional underpinning job will require structural plans, construction permits, and inspections from licensed electricians and plumbers. Digging to the foundation’s footings, benching the basement foundation to secure it structurally, and clearing away all extra dirt dug up will be among the tasks completed by our own Leaky Basement crew. The accessibility of the basement and its present condition can help or hamper underpinning, which is a multi-month project.

However, since the basement foundation repair would greatly improve the amount of living space you have in your basement, the advantages of underpinning are worth the time and financial investment. The fact that your basement has high ceilings and more overall living area will also greatly boost the value of your home.

Q4. What do you do if your house is leaking water?

Most usually, you’ll learn about basement leaks just after a downpour. When you learn about your basement leaks, be sure to call Leaky Basement or email us. Additionally, be sure to record the leaks and the regions where you detected them using photos or videos. It is useful for us and advantageous to have for insurance reasons.

The cleanup process will involve removing any nearby goods that can be harmed by water, such as carpets, MDF or particleboard furniture, and other priceless possessions. Avoid electrical shocks by being VERY cautious while removing electronics that are in contact with or submerged in water. This includes plug-in appliances, power bars, and any other electronic devices that are sitting on the floor. To avoid health hazards from the water that has entered your home in the event of widespread flooding, it is advised to contact a water restoration crew to handle the emergency clean-up.

Even after the water has been drained, it is crucial to disinfect any areas that the water touched because this water might be hazardous to your health. It’s crucial to replace any damaged drywall following any form of foundation repairs, including our own exterior or interior waterproofing treatments, to prevent the spread of mould spores and other dangerous microorganisms that could endanger your health.

Q5. What is a sump pump and what does it do?

In order to guarantee that your basement will never flood again, sump pumps are crucial. If certain circumstances are present, basement drains may back up, and if the extra water is not properly drained, a water basin may fill and cause a flood. A sump pump will remove the extra water by pumping it through a conduit to your exterior drainage tile system. Since sump pumps are mechanical, they will sense when the water level reaches the critical level and begin pumping water out of the ground to keep your basement from flooding.

Sump pumps are the most effective technique to make sure you don’t flood, but they do need to be checked periodically to make sure they’re still in good operating condition. Many sump pumps have a backup system that guarantees they will function even if there is a power loss, giving you total protection.

Q6. What is the reason for Window Wells?

The adequate draining down to your drainage pipe systems at the base of your foundation is made possible by window wells. A window well will catch the water and allow it to properly drain down to a point where it won’t be hazardous to the health of your basement foundation walls. Windows are one of the weak spots where there could be foundation cracks and water could find its way through your foundation wall and into your basement.

In addition to 3/4 crushed gravel to further aid in correct drainage into the earth, window wells include a vertical drainage pipe connected to your drainage tile below. It is frequently advised that you additionally install a window well cover for windows you do not actively open or use as a way to bring natural light into your home. The basement window is enclosed by a steel well that is fastened to your foundation.

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