Exterior Waterproofing

Fixing Your Leaky Basement From The Outside Foundation Walls

The best way to take care of a leaky basement is to find the foundation cracks and completely seal them using the method know as exterior waterproofing. Over time water can seep into your foundation walls slowly deteriorating them and make them weak and prone to cracks made by water penetration. Waterproofing your home from the exterior foundation walls will strengthen them and prevent any further basement leaks from happening. Leaky Basement offers exterior waterproofing services to Toronto, Hamilton & the rest of the GTA.

Our Leaky Basement team will use a combination of commercial-grade waterproofing materials in the basement foundation repair process:

  • Hydraulic Cement is important for sealing the cracks it’s applied to and protecting the foundation cracks from any further water damage.
  • Rubberized Waterproofing Membrane applied to the whole foundation, acting as a barrier between your foundation walls and any rainfall or water build-up. This tar-like material is applied to the wall in combination with a reinforcement mesh to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate over time.
  • Exterior Drainage Membrane applied over the top to help redirect water down towards the bottom of the foundation, preventing the water from building up and freezing on top of the foundation walls.
  • Drainage Pipe System that runs along the footing of your foundation collecting the excess water and draining it away from your basement walls or to a source where the water can be properly disposed of. The perforated piping is placed in the trench and covered with 3/4 crushed gravel to further assist with drainage.


Waterproofing your Foundation is Critical

No matter when your home was constructed, waterproofing your foundation walls could prevent a disaster inside your basement

Brick and block walls are the most common type of foundation wall.

  • For block foundation walls, the water typically sets on the bottom, and to release the pressure of the water buildup, a small hole will be drilled to let the water out.
  • Mortar joints are spaces in between your brick, stone, or concrete blocks and over time these joints can become deteriorated and allow water to seep through and into your basement. Water can seep through any cracks in the mortar joints and at times it can be very difficult to track where the water is leaking from as it can travel from one side of your foundation joint to another.

Water can also leak into your window sill and cause further issues later on. to prevent this, you can install or replace your window well. We also provide custom-made window well covers that will protect any debris from getting into your window well and prevent water from draining.

Installing a gravel drainage bed and vertical weeping tile will assure that if there is any water seeping through will be properly drained out.

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