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A Working Sump Pump can Save You from A Basement Flood


Your Last Line of Defense for Basement Floods

Check your sump pump regularly to make sure it is fully operational

Sump pumps are a main component of interior waterproofing drainage systems. Sump Pumps are installed in a sump pit, water flows into the sump pit and/or it collects groundwater and then the sump pump will discharge it away from the basement. Sump pumps are incredibly important and often your last line of defense against basement floods. Leaky Basement provides waterproofing and sump pump solutions to Toronto, Hamilton, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

These are the steps to installing a new sump pump in conjunction with an interior waterproofing job having been done previously or being down at the same time:

  • A Sump Pump Pit must be dug into the concrete to accommodate the new sum pump unit and make sure the sump pump is placed under the surface of the floor. This is known as the sump pump pit and a special sump pump housing is placed in the hole that makes it easier to replace the mechanism if a repair needs to be done. Some sump pumps can be installed above concrete floor level but the downside to doing this is the sump pump is much louder as the mechanisms of the machines work.
  • Next, the Sump Pump Mechanism is placed into the sump pump pit and connected to the interior drainage system that is installed at the time of the interior waterproofing job. The end of the drainage pipe is connected to the sump pump in order to drain the excess water that comes from excess moisture in your basement. Then the end of the drainage pipe draining outside of your foundation is connected to get rid of the water once and for all.
  • At the time of the sump pump installation, we check to make sure the Sump Pump Backup Battery is operational to make sure that your sump pump will work 100% when there is a power outage or other disruptions to the power source connected to your sump pump. Many old sump pumps do not have a backup battery installed and wholly reliant on the power source that it is plugged into. It is important to have a sump pump that can accommodate a backup battery.



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