Waterproofing New Construction Homes

There is no better time to get an exterior waterproofing done than when it is first being built.

When houses are first being built from the basement foundation up, it is a great time to get a waterproofing team like Leaky Basement to come and take care of the exterior waterproofing before the soil is put back over the foundation. When the foundation walls are poured or put in place, then is a great opportunity to come and apply a rubberized membrane, a dimpled drainage membrane, and a drainage pipe system to assure the home never has issues with waterproofing. Leaky Basement takes pride in providing new construction home waterproofing to Toronto, Hamilton & the rest of the GTA.

The Leaky Basement team is available to you to take care of your future home when it comes to a full waterproofing job around your home as it is under construction or renovation. If you are a construction development company or home renovation company, Leaky Basement is available to waterproof all your new construction projects. Leaky Basement is a fully licensed waterproofing contractor with experienced waterproofing teams that can come to your job site and take care of waterproofing services you need like exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing or underpinning, and more.

Waterproofing your New Home is Critical

Even newer homes built in the last 10 years can experience a leaky basement if the home has not been waterproofed.

The exterior foundation is a critical part of your new home. A well-designed foundation supports the house and directs water away from the structure. Moisture management starts with the construction of the foundation itself. The building code for new residential requires minimal preparation for the building’s foundation. Commonly referred to as “damp proofing”.

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