Why You Should Hire an Expert to do Waterproofing!

| 17/07/2022

Waterproofing your basement may seem like a terrific idea to those DIY enthusiasts. One might try to take on this job oneself to keep water out of their basement as there is no scarcity of internet video and material to learn more about the procedure.

While everyone is aware of the benefits of waterproofing, such as improving exterior drainage and lowering the likelihood of cracks and seepage in basement walls, there are also some drawbacks and drawbacks to taking on this project yourself.

Here’s why you shouldn’t do the waterproofing yourself

  • The process of waterproofing your basement entails a number of phases and is first and foremost a labor-intensive task. We frequently see that the homeowner began the task by digging the hole but left it unfinished. In some situations, the hole caved in as a result of being left exposed to more moisture. Or the earth needed to dry out since it was so wet before it could be fully dug out. It is preferable to avoid starting a task if you don’t have the necessary supplies and time to do it swiftly.
  • The basement waterproofing materials, or the coating or sheeting that should be put to the exterior of basement walls, play a significant role in this procedure. This entails excavating the space surrounding your home, using your preferred waterproofing material, and then backfilling the trench if you’re trying to waterproof your own property. Tar is frequently utilized in these do-it-yourself projects, but if the foundation is not adequately restored, tar will not offer a long-term solution.
  • Excavation of the ground close to the foundation where water is entering is necessary for the outside waterproofing process. This procedure needs considerably more effort than you may imagine and must be completed swiftly and thoroughly by a knowledgeable team. A permission can also be necessary. The do-it-yourself homeowner frequently forgets to request the right stake outs in order to discover utilities. If someone were to accidentally touch a gas or water line while excavating, this may result in a major incident.
  • Keep in mind that you’ll probably be digging a trench that is 7 to 8 feet deep if you’re trying to waterproof your property from the outside. Without sufficient shoring, the hole might cave in and inflict major harm, which can be quite dangerous. It is very advised to work with a contractor who specializes in excavation and uses trench bracing and safe digging methods.


Basement waterproofing is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. Leaky Basement is frequently called in to finish a DIY project gone wrong that may have initially saved the homeowner money but ended up taking more time and money to fix. It is preferable to hire a qualified waterproofing contractor to complete the task properly.

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